Wednesday, 29 January 2014

An Insane swaga, an Insane Je ne sais quoi

I'm pretty sure most of you guys have already heard of Insanity. Insanity is a workout program that you can do at your own place without having to buy any special equipment or even have a huge saloon. All you have to do is buy the DVDs and follow the calendar of exercises for 60 days. I guarantee you, it's mental but it does really work for anyone, providing you are a healthy responsible person who eats properly and rests adequately. A friend of mine passed me on the DVDs and I got so involved with Insanity that nowadays when I don't do it I feel something is missing in my life. 

I recently had my first child and the money to put my child in a good nursery in a few months time has got to be saved from "yesterday". UK charges body and soul when a child is in nursery age. I could not maintain a monthly gym payment and save for both my kid' stem cell bank monthly direct debit, plus rent, plus car insurance, plus all the normal bills normal human beings are to pay "normally". So, without thinking twice, this DVD made me recognise that there was an option available for those who don't have much money available, but most of all, don't really have the time to spend on traffic jams and busy gyms. 

I tested it once before my kid was born and I loved it, but because of loads of work I had by then, I kind of left it aside. But Insanity kept coming to my head, and my friend enticed me to it once again when lending me the DVDs. Combined with Dietpower (see article here) I have been very fiercely destroying that fat gained over Christmas holidays with anxious munching of sweets and traditional festive food that bombed my weight from 85kg (already a little too much for the likes of me) to 88Kg. Well, I don't consider myself fat at all, nothing like that. I am just a vegetarian sporty dude who likes to be healthy, and entering my 35s makes me want to maintain a certain swaga, a certain enticing je ne sais quoi; I want to be fit to smile and feel good about myself. I've always did, and that's why I stopped smoking in 2006 after 10 years puffing the nicotine dragon.

Supported by max interval training, working really hard for 3 to 4 minutes and then bringing it down to a 30 seconds cool down, I have been really happy with the results. 40 minutes a day keeps me fit and helps me get to my weight goal, 75Kg on the 01st of July. Then I'll hit the Portuguese beaches and show off my hard-gained body whilst watching the proud look on my wife's face. i'm already back to 85Kg three weeks after starting.

Insanity tests your limits but also your progression. Every two weeks there's a fit test that helps you understand how well or poorly (I doubt it) you're doing. Want to know my progression, take a look then:

Approximately 90% improvement on the Switch Kicks (build muscle quick), basically maintained the same level for Power Jacks, around 12% improvement on the Power Knees (working knee flexor and extensor muscles), 50% improvement on Power Jumps (working hip extension and knee extension) and Globe Jumps,  ~33% improvement on Suicide Jumps (great muscle builder) and push-up jacks (awesome for building pectoral muscle), and finally 25% improvement on low plank oblique (work internal and external obliques and transverse abdominis). Overall, a great improvement rate considering I only started three weeks ago.

Why don't you try it yourself and let me know how you're doing? If you dislike Insanity there are also several other training programs you can try, for example, P90X (see it here) or the Rock Hard program (find it here). Bare in mind that my first choice lays on Insanity because you need nothing but a bottle of water and a towel to get fit. In the meanwhile check the promotional video I found on the Internet and keep checking for more posts soon in The Toxicologist Today's blog. Cheers!

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