Friday, 31 January 2014

New Year New Label New Books

2014 started nearly a month ago but the Christmas Spirit is here to stay, so imbued of that holy magnificent giving-away spirit I decide to keep offering me stuff that I really desired for. Note that I never mentioned "need for", even though it is stuff so good that its inherent quality make these items utterly necessary.

I talk you guys about BOOKS. One of my passions. I read on the way to work and I read on the way home. Sometimes, most of the times actually, I skip taking the bus that would shorten my trip to work to some direct/boring 8 minutes in a  bad traffic day, and I delight myself with a good reading in a 30 minutes walk that makes me wish for more. 

I enjoy the fresh air and also the very interesting things I put my eyes on.

Recently I've been reading 8 books at a time. Odd? No. I get bored very easily if the intensity of the literature in kind of roller-coasting through my retinas. But then I thought it would be great to start a book label here in the blog, literature concerning science obviously, but not that boring tedious amalgam of heavy weight wording with loads of definitions, concepts and formulas. This is to be interesting above all; interesting and enticing. 

For starters, let me introduce you one of the four books I just purchased through Amazon, on some very indulging prices. Some are used but who really cares?, as long as I can read the words and see the images properly, I'm game!

Title: "Forensics"
Author: Richard Platt
Label: Kingfisher Knowledge
Year: First published in 2005
Price: £2.15, used but in a very good state
Public review stars: 4 stars
Public comment: 

Starting quote from book:

OK, it's quite acceptable as you learn new things. But it's a very general approach to forensics. Nice for kids or people who have no knowledge at all on forensics and thrive on it. If you're a student on your GCSEs and need a career enlightenment, this book "might" help you slightly on your decision making. I would rate it for "teenagers" and people with no knowledge of science whatsoever.
I will come back soon to you guys with info on the other three I bought. Just let me handle primordial things better because being a dad, doing a PhD and writing up is a tough challenge :D

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