Friday, 10 January 2014

Did you know that...

A bad relationship with your previous boss doesn't really have to be a bad reference in the future? Bitesize Bio tells you how with some real examples.

There 's a bacterium named Shewanella that breaths metal by charging its surface which is leading scientists to thinks that detoxifying heavy metals in the environment. Read more in the Memoirs of a Defective Brain

Writing a Scientific paper for the first time is a hard job made easy with the book "How to write and Publish a Scientific Paper"? Read more about it at Bitesize Bio.

Bitesize Bio posted a really interesting opinion on panacea selling "sciencey" language used by quacks, hacks and flacks. I loved the flow of the article, for example "Drug companies... massage their data until they can report exactly and only what they like." Ahhhhh, genius! This one is EDITOR'S CHOICE boys, I loved it!

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