Thursday, 23 August 2018

SciBoard Games is 4 years old!

Tomorrow SciBoard Games will be 4 years old. In 4 years and with a tight budget we managed to release a digital game for the Android system "Adna's Lab" (, produce a board game, participate in the final of the European Educational Games Competition in Scotland, travel to Dusseldorf-Germany to disseminate our product a bit further and even prepared the demo version of a subsequent game (Crime Grid) . Obviously, as with any other project that is time consuming and lives on a very tight budget we wouldn't be able to achieve what we've achieved without the help of many people that worked alongside our team whether in partnership, under a temporary contract, as benefactors or just freelancing. It would be difficult to name names as there were so many involved whilst working together with very creative and prolific people, but they all know and have already received our uttermost appreciation.

Times are now changing and we must reassess our presence in the serious games market, as we also must reassess the best targets for us to invest our drive and energy, so we not only produce profit for ourselves (as it should be with any other company), but also participate strongly in the education of the young masses that are nowadays so entertained with games and tools and networks that to an extent distract them from the most important educational and human goals.

There is time for everything to be tasted in life: sports, social networks, friends, cinema, music, concerts, gatherings, dating, you name it. However, nothing should be more relevant than education. And that is the reason why, that even for such a small team like ours, a family team with strong family values, the decision to support people in need was mainly focused on two special areas: Education and Health. Through KIVA ( and GoFundMe, SciBoard Games has been helping financially challenged people with small contributions towards their studies and helping them pay their medical bills. We do it to the extent of our limited capacity, but do not see it as an obligation, rather as a moral value that we will always instill in our children.

The future of SciBoard Games will be decided in the months to come. We might release the demo version of 'Crime Grid' in the virtual tabletop platform Tabletopia ( where 'Adna's Lab' is already there available for anyone to play with friends all over the world ( We might try and invest in finding companies interested in purchasing the rights of the digital game 'Adna's Lab' or we can just close doors and move on towards different projects leaving SciBoard Games as a fruitful participation of a family business in the realm of serious/educational games.

Whatever happens we just would like to thank you for being with us throughout these four years. And we ask of you to go spread the message about the different platforms where 'Adna's Lab' has been taken to and distributed completely free to use. If we reach enough people we can therefore consider bringing new games to life and re-energise our small project with big ideas.

Happy Birthday SciBoard Games!

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