Wednesday, 25 July 2018

The ToxicologistToday just contributed to Ava's Journey, can you also add up?

If you follow this blog you've might  have come across some fundraising and donations I have been involved with to help a young child successfully battle cancer (Stage 4 high risk Neuroblastoma). The little one is the 2-year-old daughter (Ava is her beautiful name) of one of my work colleagues, and even though I haven't met any of the involved personally (it's difficult within a global company of more than two thousand employees) I couldn't help but relate deeply to their story (as a father of two and as a person).

For those who don't know much about her disease I decided to transcribe here the words of those that have been involved in her fundraising from the very beginning, in hope that I can at least find one person who can help her reach the appropriate treatment.

"A neuroblastoma is a very rare, very aggressive form of childhood cancer. Sadly, Ava’s cancer is very aggressive also, and it has spread all across her little body. Ava has a primary tumour in her abdomen, located in the adrenal gland above her left kidney. She also has several other tumours in her bones, her bone marrow, as well as in her blood and lymphatic system.

Ava has already started treatment; but she has a very long way to go (approx. 2 years). The hope is after this point she will go into remission…. However; the rates of relapse following remission are high (approx. 75%). Unfortunately, 75% who then relapse, the survival rates are very low second time. But let’s not focus on the negatives; let’s focus on the hope.

Memorial Sloan Kettering hospital in New York have been trialling a drug which has had brilliant results with keeping children cancer free for years longer than before ( this drug is used on patients who are in remission with Neuroblastoma. Unfortunately, the cost of the treatment is astronomical.

This means that her family need to raise funds to enable Ava to have this treatment. 

No child should ever have to go through this, so if you would like to help in any way it would be truly appreciated.

How can I help, you ask….

Thank you for taking the time to read this". If you need further information access here

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