Thursday, 24 May 2018

Memories might be transferred between generations through DNA

I know research on this matter is still early age, inconclusive and using models that can't be immediately related to humans (at least on the complex epigenetics bridge), but I have discussed this very same topic so many times with my wife. I always tell her - Rubbish DNA my as*, there's definitely a pool of acquired generational memories to unlock, tangled on what we stupidly call Rubbish DNA. Nature is way too sophisticated and tuned to waste energy on something irrelevant. There is always a better explanation for things when the human ego wants to excuse our ignorance on the universe out there and tag the object of our blatant lack of knowledge, of rubbish!!! Calling something we don't know about our genetics, of rubbish, is exactly like looking to the sky on a stormy day where thunder strikes the dry air and cry that the Gods are upset at us for not throwing them an adulation party :P

I still don't have the information to prove my point, but I believe others do share my view on this matter. But maybe this article by Houri-Ze'evi et al (2016) can start a very promising, interesting and much necessary debate. Times are exciting for science, especially for defining our human nature.

Don't mind 'too much' about the content of the video (I am sharing it as a starting point, an entry door to a discussion), I'm not the author but I do share his overall opinion on the matter. However, for the sake of scientific reliability, we all lack on solid proof for consubstantiation of our belief on this matter. But the debate has been triggered, What 'you think?

[1] Houri-Ze'evi, L., Korem, Y., Sheftel H et al (2016). "A tunable mechanism determines the duration of the transgenerationalsmall RNA inheritance in C. elegans". Cell, 165(1), pp. 88-99.

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