Saturday, 28 October 2017

Manipulate DNA from your mobile with Adna's Lab

It is now possible to just sit down, relax and learn how to manipulate DNA the way professionals do it. This knowledge is no longer kept in secret with a few scientists, this is now available for you to download and have a go learning what materials and what techniques they apply to generate the crazy results they accomplish.

Have you ever thought of how mutated monsters that star in movies could actually be created? Have you ever tried to understand how that cousin's genetic test was performed? Have you ever thought how police can go from a tiny drop of blood to nailing that manic serial killer? It's all hidden in DNA and the information it carries. A knowledge usually at reach only for those proficient in molecular biology and genetics. 

However, SciBoard Games and Bind Up Technologies merged in this project to make this secret know to the world and available for free and for everyone. We present you Adna's Lab, the app that mimics a molecular biology lab where you are the scientist using the same tools, materials and techniques real scientists use.

The Game:

In this game you compete against the software to build up a chain of DNA by adding the DNA letters (A, C, T, G) to your chain or your opponent's chain. Then you can use different equipment and materials to apply restriction enzymes (slicers, shall we call them) to cut your opponent's DNA chain making it smaller. You can also use restriction enzymes to slice your own DNA, in case you want to get rid of contamination (RNA) your opponent inserted in your chain.

Cutting DNA:

It is very simple, you just need to match the sequence found in the restriction enzyme card to the sequence found in the DNA chain. Then, if you have the right conditions of temperature and buffers you will damage that DNA so hard they will have to work harder to catch up with you. Make sure you manipulate the thermometer to the temperature you need because different tools (weapons) are only active at certain temperatures.

The Hint:

This is a game based purely on knowledge. SciBoard Games do not apply luck or dice to their games as progression is made as you learn. So don't feel dismayed if the game looks hard in the beginning, make sure you read the card instructions very well and collect as many points as you can. Sometimes your opponent can get to the end of the chain faster that you do, but if you used a lot more tools and enzymes along the way, you'll be making a lot more points and passing on to the next level. There are many different levels and the idea is to learn as you play.

The Secret:

Try to place some DNA letters in your opponent's chain as you start to create a matching sequence corresponding to an enzyme you hold in your hand. Then, if he/she is very close to wining the game you play that enzyme at the right temperature and with the right buffer, and you will destroy is DNA and get loads of points.

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