Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Inflationary Theory Model

I've never seen or felt Neil deGrasse Tyson, the Physics Tycoon, as a comedian, or a funny guy to say the least. After watching the revival of the old Carl Sagan's Cosmos on Netflix, I honestly think he did a great job as a dynamic presenter... but still not funny.

However, living on the rays of the success The Big Bang Theory brought to all 'pimply' scientists, physicists and science nerds are nowadays a must for any scientific encounter or public engagement that really want to sound intelligent, genius or exquisite.

It is easy for Physicists because they work on matters that put the finger on a lively wound. But that doesn't take the merit from their capacity to astonish us tremendously when it comes to their mathematical geniuses.

Nevertheless, the reason I chose this video for the Toxic Humour label is because it is quite frankly, amazingly and surprisingly... funny! Neil really brought up the effects of deGrasse in this participation :P

And to a certain extent I relate to this supposedly fictional theory of us being the higher power science experiment... I really do.

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