Friday, 25 August 2017

Did you know that...

What's new in the news today for my little science maggots out there? I've been reading some crazy stuff, and I'm sure you're also informed of the hot links popping on the left side column down there. I'll just review the most spicy topics so you don't have to filter it out. A bit of a starter for your science feast if you wish to deepen any more of these interesting topics. 

In the U.S. federal health officials say that "while most children are getting their first dose of HPV vaccine, many aren't completing the full vaccination schedule, the officials said". As you may know the human papillomavirus is sex-transmitted, infects approximately 14 million Americans and is responsible for cancers. In women these express as "cervical, vaginal and vulvar cancers". In man, penile. "It can also cause anal cancer, throat cancer and genital warts in both men and women, according to the CDC". More on the matter here.

Here is a curious one and a subject I really want to know a bit more about. The American Chemical Society reported a few days back that the coffee ring produced when "water evaporates from around the edge of a droplet, pulling water outwards from the middle and leaving a characteristic mark around the edge" says a lot about the quality of said water. After collecting droplets of these rings they were able to look into the residue left after evaporation and analysing it under a magnifying glass. The discoveries made point towards future low cost water analysis by common people. That is because the little particles that are left behind when supported by a special software can provide a sort of fingerprint of the droplets, tell more of the quality of the water itself. Makes me wonder why they bring about the ring effect anyway, seems totally unnecessary for the protocol. Read more about it here.

Want to do something good for the future of your children? Print this letter and send it to your representatives. The reason being that by 2050 antibiotic resistance is expected to kill more than cancer. Not enough is being made in the world of research and prevention in what concerns the development of antimicrobial drug resistance. There's not much I need to tell because after you read this open letter you will be even more familiar with the drama that is brewing and the chaos that there is to come. Act now for the sake of everyone. Read more about it here.

Finally, I don't know much about podcasts, but I know that their becoming a frequent thing on blogs. I might try one myself one of these days just to see if my audience appreciates my sexy tone as I babble about medicines, science and the like! For now, have a taste of what this Toxicology podcast looks like. Produced by The Poison Review and covering the opioid crisis (for some odd stupid reason heroine is making a totally unpredictable comeback), here.

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