Friday, 25 August 2017

There might be blood, guts and brain damage...

But hopefully everything will end like it started, a circus frenzy of two 'killing machines' disputing their egos amidst a boxing ground.

It's Mayweather versus McGregor 

and while everyone is putting their wagers and balancing their bets for the right winner, I will be doing something different. The Toxicologist Today will be offering a public service by analysing the typical brain damage that is caused when one is full blown to the head with a flying fist from a professional boxer. In my opinion there's way too much violence in the world for us to be promoting another dis-entertainment like the fight that is to come. Therefore, my best approach is to just sit down, compile the list of damage and subsequent permanent alterations to the tissue matter and brain functionalities, and let the best of them rise as the flying Phoenix while the other one will be suffering the toughest humiliation of his career. Here's the countdown to the fight, the post will come the day after they sort out their manhood in that boxing ring.

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