Monday, 24 July 2017

Back from holidays with some active ageing tips and a bit more of Sjogren's

Hello everyone, I'm finally back from my short break in Portugal. The sun really improved my positiveness and loaded my batteries for a British Winter that never surprises me. It's always terribly cold!

During my absence I realised some people left a few comments and questions to previous posts. Mostly on the bay leaf one. I am really happy that my writing is getting to different parts of the globe and I promise I'll be responding to every single query. However, it might take some time 'til I get to everyone. My professional obligations, two children of very young age and some other personal projects represent a lot on my plate and I always want to deliver deluxe quality.

I will be posting more frequently, but shorter articles. How a big mouth like mine can do that? It's a personal challenge but I need to make it possible for the good of the blog and my own health!!!

Before I start jumping into researching for my answers for the different articles I have planned, let me propose you all two videos. The first one is an overview of the Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation to celebrate yet another World Sjogren's Day (23rd of July 2017). Please watch the video to get to know the work of the incredible Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation Inc that have been helping raise awareness and the levels of quality of life of many patients and relatives of patients world wide. If you feel enticed and value their mission, please use this link to donate to this important cause. I have already done it to the extent of my current financial possibilities; humbly every pound, penny, buck counts.

Finally, it is my pleasure to introduce you to a real educational conversation on active ageing. The human kind is living longer, we are ageing differently in comparison to our ancestors, mostly due to our very sedentary lives and stressful rhythms. If you want to learn more about a fresh approach to become a healthier elder by ageing actively and proactively, please watch this video where my aunt (damn I'm sooooo proud!!!) takes you through the understanding of your options, and through conceptions that we very often neglect. The only minus is that the video is only available in Portuguese. WATCH IT HERE.

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