Thursday, 8 January 2015

Great science news from a recent past - Part II

The first post of this series was published yesterday. If you feel you've missed on great science revelations that took place in 2014, by all means, go back and check! Today I continue posting some interesting news from pundits everywhere. Caffeine, workforce frustration and salt-propelled vehicles are the articles needing your uttermost attention.

Can we overdose on caffeine? The caffeineinformer posted on the myths and true facts that involve caffeine. Facts like the half-life of caffeine being of 4 to 6 hours or people nowadays starting to show signs of caffeine intoxication. Facts like caffeine withdrawal listed by physicians as a mental disorder.  Solutions? Rutacleanse (Rutaecarpine) to detoxify the body of caffeine, or just reading this interesting article.

Workforce demotivation is a reality - we all know it but it appears that in this time and age everyone is too busy to think plain things. Solutions mostly lie on plain Occam's razor attitude, but we think our brains are for complicating rather than simplifying. This incredible article by Dina Gerdeman says it all; an article I found in Harvard Business School's website and that should be printed and sent to all HR departments in the civilised world. It is so incredibly good I cannot resume it in just a sentence; but I must say that it actually reveals something I have always been against all my life - individual rewards in a company. YES, they lead to a drop in motivation and productivity. I am a navy seal in terms of corporative thinking, we rise together, we sink together. No man should be left behind but worked with.

Saltwater-powered car approved by EU - I actually offered my nephew a toy car of the sort (see image in the bottom). It comes in a million pieces and I think that frustrated him and his father (who is not that science-driven). But to know that the real one (see image on top) is a low-cost, environmentally-friendly car that creates no emissions and might be available in the future... that's great news. Experts say it will cost around a million quid, though :S

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