Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Great science news from a recent past - Part I

2014 was proficient in great science. News of developments in areas such as cancer research, infectious diseases and technological advances were popping up in the media everyday. Our busy lives don't really leave us any time to follow some of the great things that were achieved. If some of these never hit you, The Toxicologist Today is here to help you with some of the great articles and developments that really need your special attention this 2015!

Bacterial identification virtual lab - The world will know about the growing industry of serious games. Teaching will take a turn when serious games come to the equation for they are the future. In the meanwhile, check how Howard Hughes Medical Institute is teaching their website visitors to  familiarise with the science and techniques used to identify different types of bacteria based on their DNA sequences.

The winnower - an open access online science publishing platform that employs open-post publication peer review. This is gonna make Ben Goldacre feel that his words are actually causing waves of transformation. Thanks to Joshua Nicholson and Reinhard Stindl there is a growing movement towards transparency from start to finish in science communication, as they so well put. 

Crest toothpaste embeds plastic in our gums - Some countries have got the common sense to initiate a battle against polyethylene in our toothpaste. Particles of everlasting plastic that will live "forever" only breaking into other smaller particles. Inert but not invisible, and merely for decorative purposes. They are there to accumulate in places like the little channels in our gums, embedded within the sulcus under the gumline. Companies have gone mad, definitely! Check this great article by Trish Walraven and Erika Feltham.

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