Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The Autistic Scientist Vs. The Authentic Scientist

Science communication is no longer a restricted space where a few enlightened people share their "enormous" achievements with their peers and receive reverence from their funding bodies. The public is a lot more educated nowadays and demand explanations. The public now knows that the methodology requires protocol, the protocol requires experimentation and experimentation requires crossed-information. The public no longer assists to the ever so complicated exchange of jargon conceptualisations with open mouths and ingenuity in their eyes. The public now challenges, wants proper wording, knows how to tackle deficient arguments and weak facts. It is now the Age of the Democratisation of Science, as it is the end of the scientific world as we know it. 

The Royal Clubs of Science suffered a timed metamorphosis, progressing from a more Geeky Readers/Scholar Digest to the guys sitting at home reading a panoply of science blogs and readily available scientific literature. Soon, this private element of unavailable knowledge will perish giving space to immediate availability of non-patented data, observations, and primary conclusions. Primary only! The time for final conclusions to be drawn and made public, free as the oxygen we breathe, is yet far away and will force a turn to the very financial system of our industries.

Nonetheless, the Autistic Scientist is a role to perish, soon, very soon, if not already in motion. This is the Age of Aquarius for science-lovers out there. This is where the Authentic Scientist emerges from the depths of the different labs out there and speaks to the masses. The Autistic Scientist is in decadence, He knows that He will be no more the one element controlling the pawns in the science game. The Authentic Scientist recognises that times changed, and people demand more from the institutions and brains who serve industries like the Pharmaceutical, the Academical, and the like. The Autistic Scientist will no longer be prepared to set a game of powers because ignorance is fading. In turn, the rise of the Authentic Scientist catapults a new way of sharing knowledge, public communication of science, The only danger now is misinformation, excessive rubbish, rather than thought control.

Image obtained from Citizen CyberLab [http://citizencyberlab.eu/].


  1. I completely agree with you :D - these are the times or more business oriented people in science..

  2. Thanks for your comment, Twinkle! But I couldn't fully understand what you mean by more business oriented people in science. Would you develop it for me, please?