Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The stuff they say about Ebola - "Are we all gonna die? Part 3 of 3"

Finally we reach an end, but not for the probable (yet pleading for statistical proof) outbreak. The world went bananas with Ebola for a while, the news made it the red hot topic alongside the Islamic State. Ebola is here to stay, not only in the affected regions, but also in the different communication vias spread through a globalised world of words, images and sounds. A lot has been done and said, overall the organisations acted late but still in time to correct a lazy initial approach. Procedures were inadequate and knowledge outside the Ebola niches was deficient, but now it seems that things are progressing much better, with one or two cases of PLAIN stupidity surging here and there. 

There aren't reasons for panicking, so if you want to panic, go panic over FLU or NOROVIRUS since Winter is coming. Obviously, if the proper measures aren't taken, one will have to be worried sick because sick will be a common word. 

The literature on Ebola, as a consequence of the investment on research, is now readily available if it wasn't already. People just didn't really care. The depth of knowledge is definitely increasing as researchers and lab personnel are now more aware of the correct way to process Ebola samples, for example.

I was personally badly impressed with the lack of altruism, empathy and philanthropy from ignorant people, who not only are damn ignorant but they are also very selfish. I remember reading somewhere comments from very few Illuminati Americans who don't represent the norm, Thank God, asking for policies against those who were helping Ebola patients in Africa. Comments like "... they knew what they were going for... now don't let them in because they will infect us". Wow, that is really nice and recommendable to portrait such disregard for the human kind and such disbelief in your own country's health authorities. I am glad that representatives like President Obama had the guts to say that he did not fear meeting them face-to-face and shake their hands.

There is still a long way to go if the world wishes to reduce the exposure risk to this or other uncommon viruses. Nevertheless, the answer to the question "Are we all gonna die" is blatantly clear, YES. YES WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE. Most of all we are going to die because of the very same top 10 causes of death that have been tackling us 'til 2012:


And figures will be pretty much the same as predictions up to 2030 do not include EBOLA. What we can say is that, regardless of what you do, if you panic or not, if you get proper information or not, you and I are going to die, but it's very unlikely that Ebola will be our grim ripper. 

I'm glad I was of help to all my readers. You know you make this blog a better place whenever you visit it. But I have to move on, there will be plenty of people writing plenty of stuff about Ebola. I for one need to move on to other "big man tings now", this ain't cool anymore. But I promise to be alert.

[1] WHO, The top 10 causes of death, [], last visited on the 29th of October 2014, last uopdated on May 2014.

1st image taken from The keep-calm-o-matic, [].


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