Sunday, 28 September 2014

The stuff they say about Ebola - Part III of many

Beefing and Marburg are the very first lessons from a plethora of arguments dividing opinions throughout the web, whenever Ebola is the hot topic. And Ebola is indeed the hot topic of the moment! I have been covering the cacophony that emerges on a daily basis all over the web, but focusing my attention on the variety of forums on LinkedIn. Some experts and other plebeians who just like me enjoy knowing more have helped keep the fire burning, and kept this subject lively and modern, That is to remain untouched until the BIG media companies find something else tremendously scary and decoy our attention to a fresh focus of interest. For the time being, I am still learning with the stuff they say about Ebola, and I hope you feel the same way!

Social Data for Ebola Surveillance [Access here]

"Anonymized data that revealed the geographical movements of 150,000 mobile phone users in Senegal is being used by Swedish nonprofit Flowminder to help predict how travel might shape the spread of Ebola. “If there are outbreaks in other countries, this might tell what places connected to the outbreak location might be at increased risk of new outbreaks,” Flowminder cofounder and Executive Director Linus Bengtsson told MIT Technology Review."

Can a person catch Ebola if::: [Access here]
"...if micro hand-sanitization dispensers, where passengers can clean hands without leaving their seat as much as they want, would be well received by passengers and crew? Surveys of 1,826 passengers and crew overwhelmingly agree. Airlines choose to distance themselves from addressing the problem."

"The sanitizer formulation is nonflammable, and much softer on the hands. We also have a moderately alcohol based formulation that is FAA approved; however, our surveys indicate passengers and crew would be more resistant to using the alcohol based product."

Lesson #3 - When a window of opportunity opens, they mean business!

Image taken from PSA: Samsung Wave Shipping with Virus []

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