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The stuff they say about Ebola - Part II of many

Hello everyone, I am still working on this series of effervescent debates that have become viral (spot the irony?), not only throughout LinkedIn but basically everywhere Ebola is the main topic. Because I find the topic extremely interesting and the plethora of diverging opinions, panic attacks and hysteria, strong generators of chaos, I realised there is a need for intervention!!! My intervention is simple, to just present, whenever possible, both sides of story of this long tale of stuff they say about Ebola. Moving on...

Drug Cured 16 of 16 Monkeys with Viral Ebola Relative [access here]

"An experimental drug saved the lives of 16 of 16 monkeys with the Marburg virus, a killer near-indistinguishable from Ebola, just as symptoms broke out, said a new study. Thomas Geisbert, senior author of the new Science Translational Medicine study, said treatment with an siRNA molecule, wrapped in a lipid nanoparticle, saved macaque monkeys even when administered on Day 3 post-infection, when animals began showing symptoms. All control animals who did not receive the Tekmira Pharmaceuticals drug— TKM Marburg— died between days seven and nine. SiRNA keeps the virus from replicating by binding to messenger RNA."
"There is some dispute, however, over the main attraction of TKM Marburg; that is, the claim that it works as the first symptoms appear. While the Geisbert team reported that on Day 3 their monkeys began to show symptoms, Tulane University tropical disease specialist Daniel Bausch disagrees. Bausch left Sierra Leone in July, only a few days before a Tulane colleague—Sheik Umar Khan— contracted Ebola while treating patients, and later died. “Average incubation time in humans is eight to 10 days. Less in monkeys, but still greater than three days,” Bausch, who was not involved in the Science study, told Drug."

Lesson #2 - Marburg is a viral disease first identified in 1967 in Marburg,former Youguslavian Republic's Belgrade and Frankfurt (Germany). The epidemics started after infected monkeys imported from Uganda. It is one of the most virulent pathogens known to humans and it is responsible for high fatality rates. Multiple site bleeding, severe headaches and severe malaise are the commonest symptoms. [1]

[1] WHO - Marburg Virus Disease, [], last visited on the 27th of September 2014, last updated somewhen in 2014.

Image produced from [] main page.

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