Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Territorial Pissings - removing cat's urine from your carpet

I recently moved to a new house to find out that the previous tenants sprinkled cat urine all over the lounge area. The first day my wife tried her own solution and after hours cleaning with detergents, soap, water, hydrogen peroxide and the like. It worked for a few minutes and right after that intense smell was on again, disturbing my piece of mind and altering the Nirvana state that I was looking for. So after browsing the web for a solution I found out the best cure for it, i.e., a mix of different solutions from different people who actually struggled with the same issue.

Turns up many people believe that hydrogen peroxide is the solution, but it's not; actually, if you add to much to your carpet you'll end up bleaching it. Like my wife did, poor girl felt really bad afterwards. However, it was just a little piece but again, do your really wanna do it?

After reading around 25 different testimonies and recipes there was one that actually got my attention. The writer didn't only say what he used, he actually said why, explained the process and that for me, my friends, is how science needs to be done. Therefore, my strategy combines three important elements:

Water and detergent - wash the affected area with a good detergent intended for greasy dishes, that will at least remove part of the substrate in the cat's urine that is helping bacteria feed on.

Baking soda, baking flour and an odorous essential oil - fifty-fifty of both baking soda and baking flour in a mug, add 15 drops of, say, strawberry essential oil, mix very well and then sprinkle the humid area with plenty of this mixture. The baking soda and flour will not only adsorb the humidity containing the cat's urine but will also help the hoovering process as they will form granules that can easily be sucked. The essential oil will deodorise the carpet for sure. One important element is to apply pressure to the area when this mixture is acting because it will get to that really deep area where urine is being metabolised by hungry bacteria.

Guys, it really worked for me so give it a try. My wife used white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and other stuff. Don't bother, try The Toxicologist Today's recipe and let me know how and if it worked for you.

Meoooowwwwww to all of you!

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