Wednesday, 28 August 2013

3rd Anniversary of The Toxicologist Today

Sometimes I don't know where I find time to update this blog. My PhD, a kid on the way and loads of other responsibilities... sometimes feeling overwhelmed is only natural. But as I always said, I started this blog not only as a way of communicating my passion for science, but also as a way of learning as I attempt to inform. I am grateful for the few visitors I have and I honestly hope that I have helped a few of you with the information I post. My opinions, my research, my creativity are promoted by the slightest increase in numbers of visitors. I thrive on the different subjects I research and hopefully interest from the audience will pay back in the future when I release the very first geeky-science board game. 

I don't really know what else can I say but thank you. I hope this blog has been improving your insight and that the matters are practical, up-to-date and interesting.

Three years... geeee... Thank you all.

As the cake states (image taken from somewhere at this project was Meant to Be!

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