Wednesday, 31 July 2013

1st Survival Summer Course

A few weeks ago I had an idea, based on an app I downloaded that got me seriously interested in survival kits and the like... I guess it was right after I heard about the unfortunate event of the death of Richard Matheson. I logged into Amazon, bought around 6 of his books and started engulfing them like crazy. The first selected had to be "I am legend", for the normal reasons related to the movie (by the way the book is way different and so much better). Immediately, a thought assaulted my grey matter; why not run a relaxed informative course on survival here on my blog? It doesn't have to be tremendously serious, but it has to be based on facts and knowledge of people who know what they're talking about. So, I fetched some interesting reading and I found a very good starting point, a U.S. Army Survival Guide and a U. S. Military First Aid Manual. 

I will thus try to run my very first unofficial and purely informative Survival Summer Course. It will start today lasting 'til the end of August. I hope you find it not only interesting, but also insightful and helpful. In order to get your attention let me just list a few of the things (in no particular order) I will be covering in this course as I myself get also instructed as I read both books.

- Authors of both books,
- First aid for special wounds, fractures, climatic injuries, bites and stings, in toxic environments, case and kits, 
- Rescue and transportation,
- Decontamination procedures,
- Survival planning and Survival Kits,
- Basic Survival Medicine,
- Shelters,
- Water and food procurement,
- Firecraft,
- Poisonous Plants,
- Dangerous animals,
- Field-expedient (tools and equipment),
- Desert, tropical, cold-weather and sea survival,
- Direction finding,
- Signaling Techniques,
- Survival Kits,
- Edible and medicinal plants,
- Summary.

Because one never knows when one will need help, and in the Era of Information ignorance is but a poor choice, this very practical course can one day determine whether one survives or not, who knows!!! You can help yourself and also help others if you have the right information and the practical cognizance.

So, while the politicians of this world dwell on the unfair decoy grilling trial of Private Bradley Manning we will proceed with the best the U.S. Army has to offer, i.e., practical knowledge on survival. I hope you'll visit the blog on a daily basis to learn and even leave your very useful comments. Right next, the first introductory chapter of this course.

Hope you'll enjoy!

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