Wednesday, 31 July 2013

1st Survival Summer Course - Size Up The Situation

If you find yourself all alone with little or no gear in any remote area of this world, from the Belukha Mountain to Greenland to Australia to Saudi Arabia, you will want to know how to survive on your own until you manage to find help. It happens every day to many people... hard to believe ? Check this real story, this other one, and a movie trailer with James Franco based on real facts that will make your scruff hairs go green. Knowledge can establish the difference between life and death.

Convinced? Not yet. Then try and read one of my favorite books on survival focusing on the real life experience lived by Marcus Luttrel, Lone Survivor (they are actually shooting the film that I so expect to be Grand). I knew you would be convinced by these facts. So why don't we just cut to the chase, get pen and pencil and start working on the most important facts and lessons we have to assimilate. If in danger or lost in an unknown area try to:

Size up the situation - find a place where you can conceal yourself. Remember, security takes priority
Size up the surroundings - determine the pattern of the area. Pattern includes animal and bird noises, movements, insect sounds, traffic or civilian movements.
Size up your physical condition - Check your wounds and give yourself first aid (first aid will be covered later on in this summer course). In any climate drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. In cold or wet environment put on additional clothing to prevent hypothermia.
Size up your equipment - Check to see what equipment you have and what condition it is in.

Good, let's not eat the whole cake in one day. Now that we've looked into the most important parts of the initial assessment, we will tomorrow cover the subsequent steps, i.e., the survival plan. And don't forget...

Course based on the book by the United States Army John F. Kennedy Special warfare Center and School. FM21-76 US Army Survival Manual.

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