Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Kiva, as an antidote

A few years back, say 5/6, a friend of mine who is like a brother to me told me that his boss was looking for
a way of offering nice Christmas gifts, but that wouldn't make people jealous. I mean, a few guys being offered IPods and others being offered pens just because they are at different levels within the company. My friend Filipe came up with a great idea that totally served his boss's principles and willingness to help. This idea is known as Kiva.

Kiva in a non-profit organisation that allows people like you and me to lend money via internet to other people (represented by other local organisations called field partners) without forcing the later to pay any interest on the money received. Imagine an individual from a 3rd world country needing to buy a cow in order to increase milk production, or a woman needing to invest some money on beans or other seeds. If banks in Europe reject to lend us during this crisis they've created, imagine what's the response to these individuals? The answer is KIVA! 

I got so mesmerised by this genius idea that I started to collect everywhere I could and even set my own group in Kiva's website. An old pickle jar in my office collected copper coins for months, than in a "pay it forward" kind of feeling, a colleague bought me an electronic piggy bank that counts the coins as we deposit them in. We have so far helped all the people you see in the picture above. But I expect to make other people join this group I've created so I can enhance the lending capacity and help promote a better life standard worldwide. 

In the past I was distributing regardless of gender, geographical position or project. But I'd like now, for the sake of this blog and its immediate subject areas, to restrict and focus my personal attention on EDUCATION, HEALTH and AGRICULTURE. However if you join you are more than welcome to help whatever project you may become empathetic about.

If you'd like to join The Toxicologist Today on this quest please access here. To know more about Kiva, access here.

We loan because...
We care, we're humans and because altruism is the fuel of humanity as a whole.
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Everyone is welcome if willing to help

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