Monday, 19 September 2011

My organic garden

My previous post referred a new project of mine. Actually there are two brand new projects, a professional one and a domestic one. It is the domestic one the project I am to write about today, for the professional one will require a little more patience until everything is set and ready to rock 'n roll.

What I'd like to share with you today is my old passion for agriculture, probably one of the reasons why I moved earlier to a Biotechnological Engineering degree back in Portugal, a degree that ultimately made me come here to England 5 years ago, to study Biotechnology ending up in a MRes in Toxicology, and soon moving to something new.

I recently moved to a new house. Well, not entirely new as it has been vastly used in the past by many other people, some of them students. My house has a garden, a place I wish to fill with edible veggies and colourful plants. I plan to do it solely with biological substances whenever possible. It's not only for the fun or the health facts, it is also for the challenge. As a Toxicologist I wish to challenge myself by planning, delivering and obtaining an amazing garden all based on "green"substances that will not jeopardise the biological and organic aspects of my garden. Remember a few posts back when I posted  some recipes to fight bugs and the like? Exactly, just browse down here and you'll find it pretty soon. This time I wish to make use of a few of those recipes to fight insects and worms that are eating all my basil - the bastards!

So, what about this garden I am developing with my "wife" at our backyard? 

I am slightly concerned about the climate and its shifting mood. However, Nottingham is not that bad...  actually, in my honest opinion, is quite good! So far the basic has been done: clean up and get ready! We bought some Spring flower bulbs and a few greens to try out immediately. From Tulips to Daffodils, among other flowers I can't recall at the moment. A fraction of our organic garden has been cleaned up and worked out (as you'll be able to see in the PowerPoint Presentation attached). Aromatic herbs, vegetables and spices are accounted for.  Obviously a green house will surface as soon as possible to avoid frost and also those slugs I've spotted looking at me from the corner of that wild rosebush. 

Feel free to advise on any ideas a Green Toxicologist might use to get rid of slugs, insects and any other unwanted plagues contaminating your organic garden:

All the best and see you soon with a great article to come in less than a week (the professional trend I spoke of, earlier).

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