Monday, 19 September 2011

The light of Mr. Solar Demi

I know I've promised to stay out of tune for at least one week, but as I was browsing for some papers concerning quorum sensing I found the profile of a friend of mine who is doing a PhD in Barcelona. Rui Pedro is a very interesting person that will be introduced to you soonish on the Profiles label. Something in his Facebook wall immediately caught up my attention for it was directly linked to a few posts I have presented here in The Toxicologist Today, at least in three occasions: Here, here and here too. What you're about to see just proves that science and an environmental awareness can be merged and are at reach of simple minds who can actually do great things. You don't need to go for Cambridge to lighten up, you just need to be curious, experiment and share your knowledge.

This, I promise, is going straight to my shed as I will be doing it as soon as possible and upload the pictures here for you to see my shed producing the light given to me by the simple mind of Mr. "Solar Demi" from Sitio Maligaya, Philippines.


  1. Hey man, I saw a post on 9gag about Mr Solar Demi, and I got really interested, and thanks to you, I found great information here, thanks.

  2. Thanks for finding value in this blog mate, from my heart!