Tuesday, 15 May 2018

TheToxicologistToday considered 3rd in the Top 20 Toxicology Blogs on the web

Feedspot, a modern RSS content reader for netizens who want or need to stay up-to-date with the most reliable and interesting content online, have emailed me with special congratulations. It happens that these information minions kindly attributed The Toxicologist Today a third place at the Top 20 Toxicology Blogs (see here). My humble toxicology blog made the podium with a 'bronze medal' that touched my heart, not because of the resonance/repercussion that such might have on my readers' count (if anything that will make me work more seriously towards increasing quality and entice level of my articles), but mostly because someone cared enough to analyse what I have been doing for pure love since August 2010. My small and honest contribution to a world with free scientific information for all - for education and information empower the public. 

Actually, some of the blogs that also made the list are advertised as interesting reads on the side columns of The Toxicologist Today. Some even operate on the realm of Forensic Toxicology, exactly the same area I recently produced a serious game for with SciBoard Games (see here for a short example). This honourable mention, in conjunction with the publishing of my very first digital science serious game "Adna's Lab" (download HERE and read more about it HERE) and the book I am writing on Nosocomial Infections, couldn't be a better bouquet of happiness for me.

I am aware that Feedspot might eventually gain from the fact that all those that made the list will propagate their name to the very four corners of the world (of this worldwide circle squareness), but free information is not easy to maintain or even share. I am more than happy to give Feedspot a hand for their capacity to browse through so many candidates and find value exactly on my work... and with such fierce competition that I am in total awe.

I am humbled, emotional and to a certain degree proud because my scientific passion is surfacing as a valued piece of informational work. I had to read and read and read it over and over again to make sure it wasn't a prank!!!! I thank Feedspot and will do my very best to try and maintain this blog of yours as the reliable source of information on Toxicology that I have been thriving for since 2010. Now go look below for the first 17 names of all blogs that made the top list (I will definitely add all of these links to my 'Interesting Reading column' the moment my professional life allows it).

3. The Toxicologist Today

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