Friday, 4 May 2018

The Great Plastic Pick Up

I am organising a small event that you can replicate wherever you are, be it Britain or the States, Zimbabwe or North Korea. Well, maybe not so much in Zimbabwe and North Korea for the time being, but I'm sure one day it will also be possible for them to organise... environmental activities.

The event is as simple as it gets, a plastic/rubbish clean up of our county/national parks as a wonderful way of offering some environmental awareness to our children. With that we will also be helping with maintaining our parks clean and picnic-prone!

These are the details of the event I am organising after finding out about the The Great Plastic Pick Up Project through a Nottingham City Council newsletter and on the Daily Mail's. Why don't you join in and start your own movement towards getting rid of all unnecessary plastic in the vicinity of your neighborhood and from the depths of your favourite county park?!!!

Organiser name: The Toxicologist Today
Event name: The Meadows will clean Colwick Park
Date: 12/05/2018
Planning ahead is really important so before you start your clean-up download our Great Plastic Pick Up Guide.
Afterwards, we would love to hear how your event went, please tell us.
Thank you for getting involved in the Great Plastic Pick Up.
Good luck with your Pick Up!

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