Thursday, 16 November 2017

The very latest on Brexit - must read!

Brexit is proving to be a hardship process for all those involved. EU citizens like myself, living in the UK, have their lives suspended on a cold breath of oblivion. We know very little, the fresher news are all about egos and pertinent incompetence from a few politicians a lot more worried about becoming the next Prime-Minister rather than giving the British people, and consequently (if they're that altruistic) the EU citizens in the UK, the best deal possible out of a union that for over 50 years provided the longest period of peace and prosperity in the European continent.

Politics apart, we all crave news straight from the source, and not just mere opinions of Think-tanks that do lobby a lot and think very little about us, and OF US.

You can now subscribe to be passed on directly to your email the latest news from the British government on Brexit. I'd advise you to do it immediately as a ticking clock urges action.

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