Friday, 21 April 2017

Did you know that...

Children under age 6 account for about half of the more than 2 million poisonings reported each year to U.S. poison centers, according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers. Learn from how to prevent this from happening, here.

US lawmakers introduced legislation that would provide a tax credit for new antibiotics and diagnostic tests. Get to know the opinion of the blog "Antibiotics - The Perfect Storm" on this matter, here. You can also read the original news here.

A new browser extension that allows those with limited resources to be made aware of the existence of free versions of a wanted article, has been introduced to the public in a post by the Ronin Institute. This is an incredibly good tool for those intelligent enough not to pay millions for science articles that should be of public domain. Find it here.

The Poison Review is slowly becoming my favourite science blog. They just impressed me tremendously after the last published podcast on 
The Assassination of Kim Jong-Nam. Read it here.

Finally, on this recovered smart-ass posting, let me tell you about a blog that is getting increasingly interesting for early science students. It's called Microbiology Info and they have some nice super short and summarised posts teaching loads of interesting matters. The last one is on 
blood cells and their functions. Visit here.

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