Sunday, 19 June 2016

The message below was found displayed on the door of a medical office:

Disease is a conflict between personality and soul.

The cold runs when the body does not cry.

The sore throat clogs when you can not communicate afflictions.

The stomach burns when anger can not get out.

Diabetes invades when loneliness hurts.

The body fattens when dissatisfaction tightens.

The headache depresses when the doubts increase.

The heart gives up when the meaning of life seems to end.

The allergy appears when perfectionism is intolerable.

The nails break when the defences are threatened.

The chest tightens when pride enslaves.

The pressure rises when fear imprisons.

Neuroses paralyse when the "inner child" bully.

The fever heats up when the defences detonate the frontiers of immunity.

Knees hurt when pride does not fold.

Cancer kills when you do not forgive and/or are tired of living.

And how do the silent pains speak in our body?

Disease is not bad, it alerts you when we miss direction.

The way to happiness is not straight, there are bends and curves called Misconceptions,

there are traffic lights called Friends,

caution signs called Family,

and it will help loads having a spare tire called Decision,

a powerful engine called Love,

a good insurance called FAITH,

abundant fuel called Patience.

But most of all, a wonderful driver called GOD.

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