Wednesday, 16 December 2015


Do you remember my post on Desktop Reminder 2? I wrote about a piece of software that could be installed and very easily used to produce an agenda of reminders so one would never miss any appointments, a to-do list event and the like.

Well, that is in the past because Desktop Reminder 2 hadn't a feature that is ever so important these days one could not live without... I speak of being with us everywhere and not only in our Desktop. The software was missing on Internet Presence. If one had no laptop with it one would never be reminded. Transiting from one laptop to another would force a person to save the tasks file and then copy it to yet another machine.

I couldn't live with such snailing mode, I had to go pro but on a free software. And thus I found Remindeo. I know there are plenty more available these days, I am not talking about Rocket Science here, but this is the science that I like and Remindeo does exactly what I want and a bit more. You can create, edit, delete reminders. And every time you set up a reminder when the time comes you get an email to let you know about it. Just access it from anywhere in the world as loing as you can connect to your account.

And now it comes with voice reminders! Cool stuff. Give it a go.

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