Wednesday, 30 December 2015

2016's Miraculous Scientific Resolution

Throughout 2015 the world realised yet again that the course of our actions has driven us to a structural abyss. We are far from an Apocalypse has nature itself regulates our most violent stupidities with fierce balancing processes. We watch it on telly, mesmerised, alienated in awe, in distant televised apathy. We are aliens in our own existence in desperate need of a miraculous scientific resolution to a profoundly sick world.

Life challenges are tainted in social-political pressures; they fall heavy on our backs over and over again. Ever brutal war, hypocritical religious banter confusing values with the sick seeking of oiled/opiate routes, human migration floods so typical of animal groups are replicated on a daily basis by... humans!(?) This year of 2015 we saw lives orbiting around their own dazzling existence.

Zero hour contracts, the breakdown of national health systems, imposed migration, professional humiliations, products in unnecessary plastic and 5 pee plastic regulations. Kids learning faster and faster whilst learning nothing and no more than before.

We are all so God damn confused about ourselves. We are all so empty of energy so needed to re-energise the world, re-energise our small groups in these different societies desperate for actual freedom. Freedom to reconstruct a globalised structure that looped to an unrehearsed/untested globalisation. Let it come the TTIP monster.

Unemployment calls for benefits call for policies call for debt control calls for cuts call for more unemployment. Than the old charities come and ask, so to provide help to those who don't even dare to ask no more, as they were devoid of the power of civil intervention and civil acumen.

From a million problems one elects those that speak to one the most. Human floods of migrants are seen waltzing a confused world of confused borders and terrified welcoming hosts. To take or not to take, that over there is the migrant - points the citizen of a civilised world. And yet again if you have arrived with a healthy citizenship you will have your hears aimed at with the repertoire of nationalist chores. We understand. We come and go in peace, but there is more to understand and remember, like Nobel Prize Saramago so well observed:

For this 2016 I crave a miraculous scientific resolution to heal the world. Humans with growing humanity. 

Image obtained from Design by Humans, [].

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