Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Did you know that... honey has eternal shelf life?

... because its acidity, its lack of water and above all the presence of hydrogen peroxide (that destroys the cell walls of bacteria) will allow it to last 'forever'. Hydrogen peroxide fizzes on skin cuts because blood and a variety of living cells possess the enzyme catalase in their composition. Catalase will react with the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) through oxidation, but our bodies are naturally protected from the hydrogen peroxide we produce because we store it in peroxisomes (small organelles) in the form of water and oxygen. Cuts are actually something Dr. James Barry (a British surgeon who died back in 1865) saw a lot as part of her profession and role in the Battle of Waterloo. Yep, this surgeon was actually a female rather than a man, an option Barry took in order to pursue a career as a surgeon, and only after her death was her real gender revealed on the autopsy table. This is the perfect example for explaining that the real I comes from within us, just like the way the Great Pyramid of Giza was built from the inside out, with its edges coming together as a cardinal point. At least that is the presumption of a French architect. French, not Indian, and maybe for that reason he wasn't too keen on curry. And for not being fond of curry he wasn't even aware of the difficulties faced by farmers just to get 1 Kg (~2.2 pounds) of Saffron. They actually need approximately 1 million of these Crocus sativus flowers to produce that amount. But not only for curries is Saffron used, it is also a dye used in Asia, especially by some monks living very sin-free lives and therefore not constituting modern examples of the lust times in ancient Rome. There the prostitutes were ready for fornication, waiting for their clientele underneath vaulted ceilings (Fornice, in Latin) therefore Fornix became a euphemism for brothels and sexual intercourse. It's easy how one does not have to dig deep to understand how language tells us so much about our past as human beings, we only need to browse and we immediately find. Some other beings, like the Fig trees, don't really have such easy lives, their roots go as deep as 125 meters inside the soil so we can see these trees grow strong and produce amazing figs that when ripen have that amazing fruity honey taste. Honey that has eternal shelf life because its acidity, its lack of water and above all the presence of hydrogen peroxide (that destroys the cell walls of bacteria)...

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