Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Xenophobic Britain drives foreign students away (public hysteria and paranoia over immigration)

It is indescribable what is happening to England. I wouldn't even dare say Britain. And even England is such a strong approximation for I don't believe that all English people share the views I'm about to distill, but it is in England that I've been sensing spontaneous and punctual acts of hatred towards migrant workers. I'm not talking about Sports Direct or even Amazon, I'm talking about going to the barber shop and the dentist. Two activities that in their nature should be harmless and plain simple to the extent of going in, being seen, paying up and leaving out. Wait!, that's it, the pay up part is what's really upsetting most of the fellows I have been sensing that. Suddenly for them I am the adequate receptacle of the constant moaning towards migrants, borders' policies, the EU treaties and the incapability of British governments to stand up to I-don't-know-who-and-why. In all sums, Xenofobia and nothing else.

When I seek for the professional help of a dentist and suddenly from the entrance door, to the pain chair, and then back again to the pay counter I am greeted with "... the problem is that migrants come here and they don't have to pay for their treatments... and the government think that NHS can pay for everything, well it cannot... and the migrants come here and ask for treatments...". The same exact thing happened on my journey to the hairdresser, the same moaning, my same red hears to engulf this profound discontentment of the English workers towards the migrants that I happen to be one of.

Are this people insane or haven't they noticed that I am no David Cameroon. I am not a political representative of your country. I am a person that happened to leave the house where I pay rent, to get in the car with petrol, insurance and car parking associated to high taxation taken from me (and I am not complaining at all), I used a service that the government for some reason believe should be made free for me, whether it is because I have a son, I am a student or just because my monthly wage doesn't even reach nowadays the minimum wage... and suddenly these people think I am the one to retrieve their political complaints and somehow take these long sentences of pure Ignorance (that's it) to the House of Commons/Lords, I don't know what??!! 

Are these people mentally challenged or just xenophobic? I am not even going to profess the immense oblivion that is having to listen to all that without feeling disgusted. History shows that the biggest powers in Europe have STOLEN, LITERALLY STOLEN from everywhere in the world with brutal force, ignominy, tremendous greed and inflicted terror, and when a migrant comes to England seeking for a better life he is shown intolerance? I am Portuguese, therefore I haven't broken any rules in coming to England and looking for a better life. Whenever I asked for state support when I most needed, the governmental services had the chance to say no - NO, WE WON'T HELP YOU! No one imposed altruism on them. It emerged from the need to dignify workers and citizens as in any other EU country that did sign for these practices to be applied.

My hairdresser spends more time complaining about Muslims and Chinese people than paying attention to my style requests. Then he goes on and on about the migrants from Europe. Hasn't he noticed that most of the people that actually sustain his business are students from Middle Eastern countries, Asian countries and European countries? Is everyone ignorant about the millions that are put in the English economy by students, researchers and other professionals that travel to England for whatever reason and bring their best talents to make this country the strong economy that we see?

My dentist's receptionist complains that I take money from the system and I see everyday migrants generating revenue for this country. Paid miserably in comparison to their physical and psychological exertion. Universities are piling up with students from all over the world that get money flowing at high rates in this country. Suddenly I am forced to believe that you are only a welcomed migrant and student and foreigner in this country if you bring the dough. PAY FOR YOUR DIGNITY is the system, and that cannot be that far away from NAZISM, I'm sorry but it's not that far-off.

Everyday we have doctors, science researchers, managers, pizza fillers, taxi drivers from many different countries doing their best and serving you with the best, saving lives, providing quality of life to everyone who uses their products and services. But the dentist, the receptionist and the hairdresser in England think that it's the migrants' fault the idiotic options different governments have been negotiating with their different social partners.


If a migrant, who some English people state cannot even speak proper English, takes away English people's jobs so easily, than my friends something is profoundly wrong with that pool of skills. You can only understand what it is to be a migrant when you become one and wear his shoes. I don't agree with people being given without even trying to give back as there is a social synergy that needs fulfilling, but someone tell these people that that has not been the case. The scale needs balancing but it's not the migrants fault. When a taxi driver saves your life the moment that ambulance came a bit too late, when you were having a heart attack, what will you tell this lad? And why do we always have to go to extremes to justify the need to dignified lives.

It's not the migrants' fault, it's globalization, poorly discussed and poorly played, but if you are scared just wait for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, we will be on each others' necks until we all perish due to ignorance and stupidity.

1st Image taken from The Telegraph, [http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/educationnews/10304634/Xenophobic-Britain-drives-foreign-students-away-claims-professor.html]

2nd image taken from hercampus, [http://www.hercampus.com/school/u-mass-amherst/response-sears-nazi-ring-anything-fashion-statement].


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