Tuesday, 22 September 2015

5 Years of The Toxicologist Today

I'm in the writing up process of my thesis, looking for a future job and propelling my science serious games start-up with our first product. My blogging time has never been so reduced. Only a crazy flooding of deadlines would make me me feel overwhelmed and totally skip the posting of the blog's anniversary.

5 years. I have been blogging science, toxicology and more recently bacterial toxigenesis and antimicrobial resistance for 5 years.

Wow!, that's grand!

I cannot stop now. I must admit that after 5 years doing something you really love, you feel compromised to improve and respond to utter responsibilities that come from within. It's not a demand from audiences or egocentric appealing. It's you and your need for a democratisation of science. It's you and the public engagement of all the things you know that must be shared. It's you and a growing responsibility towards offering views on your passion.

Everyone who writes in blogs or any other type of modern communication channel will understand this. It's addictive, it's a drug that drags you deeper and deeper to a state of mesmerising.

I don't know if what I am doing has been done to the level of excellency required. I cannot be that arrogant. Overall, this is also a learning process for myself as a science communicator. However, I am positive that I want to keep doing it, I want to improve my communication weapons, and fire ever more interesting articles... I am not done in scrutinising the concomitant role of H. pylori in primary Sjogren's syndrome... I'm not done with that!!!!!! I'll prove it!

But there is also a lot more I want to research, read and write about. Though I'm feeling a bit stung by the Toxicology of Time; where I see it dripping straight to the vein of my deadlines and stressing me out a bit. This is nothing new... researchers deal with this on a daily basis. I will have everything done in time, no worries.

Get ready for I am to bring a kick-ass article to celebrate the 5th anniversary of The Toxicologist Today. 

Get ready... for 5 years more.. with you on that side mirroring this blog's existence.

Thank you so much for the 81385 visits.

Ivan Lafayette (Pudget)

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