Wednesday, 8 July 2015

LESPAR Interdisciplinary Networking Workshop on Antimicrobial Resistance - The Nottingham Edition

Yesterday I attended the LESPAR Interdisciplinary Networking Workshop on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) - The Nottingham Edition as I call it (@ MediCity). With a 5 stars organisation (these logos on the right side name them) I must say it was definitely one of the workshops that helped me learn the most on AMR these last 7 months. Second place goes to the one in Birmingham organised by Antibiotic Action last April.

As usual I took a lot of notes that I will be sharing with you on 4 different posts, so the information load doesn't pile to utter boredom. If I can list one positive and one negative I would say that the networking model they found is a great one to implement in the future to come in many other events that merge scientists from different backgrounds. It really triggers contribution, it really prepares the tables for the stressing of real life issues and allows possible solutions to rise from sincere discussions. On the negative part something that was present but is not exclusive to this event, as pretty much everyone these days unfortunately go that way, I talk of the neglecting of opinions from those who are mere students. The latter stated doesn't really concern the organisers, they actually promoted an open debate to vocalise everyone's thoughts. But when in a table where scientific discussions are taking place, those with a higher status and experience, e.g., PIs, Research Associates, Associate Professors, Funding Bodies' Representatives have the upper hand. And students acti wrongly as they just recline, sit back and watch the ping pong take place. I don't do that, I do the opposite whenever I can. I contribute, I share my views, I participate. But sometimes it is just impossible for some students to break the shell and offer their perspective because some on the higher levels will inhibit it (intendedly or unintendedly).

Nevertheless, what a great event! I will kick-off on the next post with what was said yesterday by the different people. During the whole event I took loads of notes. Please make sure you try to read it because the content comes from professionals who dictate a lot of the pulsating actions that are taking place in AMR research these days. And one thing I learned from this event immediately is that the direction of such pulsating research will very soon turn sides. 

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