Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Small mistakes

I just been to the 1st International Symposium on Quorum Sensing Inhibition in Santiago de
Compostela, Spain. Let me tell you those guys know how to throw a Symposium. It was pretty impressive. Great speakers, great presentations, great history all over the city centre, super interesting subjects, my poster, nice funny audience, all great.

And whilst checking the registration list looking for some Portuguese fellows for exchanging a few ideas on the state of the country in terms of science and research, I managed to find some really odd surnames. That's when I commented with a few friends from Nottingham that these Portuguese surnames weren't very Portuguese at all (just like mine, Lafayette!!!). But one really caught my attention, Smallmatek. And I asked my fellow mates "Who the hell calls himself Smallmatek?" when in between crazy laughter they replied "Mate, that's their company name".


Fair enough, at least the company "Smallmatek" is Portuguese, I wasn't that wrong, heheh!

Anyway, today is Portugal Day and I had to remember our impressive contribution to science in a post to come today!

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