Friday, 22 May 2015

Poisonous Pufferfish vs. Eel (when failing is actually winning)!

This time I had to borrow some incredible images [1] of an attack perpetrated by an improvident Eel against a Poisonous "Fugu" Puffer fish. Dumb idiot!!!. These are the world's most toxic group of fish containing tetrodotoxin in their livers, gonads and skin [2]. Since there is no specific treatment for humans that come into contact with this potent neurotoxin the best remedy is prevention. Unless you are really hungry like this Eel.


[1] World's weirdest: Poisonous Puffer fish vs. Eel, National geographic, [], last visited on the 22nd of May 2015, last update unknown. 

[2] Ahasan, H. A. M. N., Karim, S. R., Bakar, M. A., Gazi, E. A., Bala, C. S. (2004). "Paralytic complications of Puffer Fish (Tetrodoxin) Poisoning". Singapore Medical Journal, 45(20, pp. 73-74.

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