Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Adna's Lab, crowdfunding for our very first project

Hello everyone,

it took me a while to post these last weeks, but I'm going through my last month of practical work in the lab and the load is ever so big. I promise a lot of action these coming weeks, but today I have a treat for all of those who like science and entertainment mixed together. Remember when back in March I told you about my start-up? If you don't, freshen up your memory accessing here. For those who want to have a summary of what our first product is about please keep reading.

In August 2014, me and my wife created SciBoard Games, a Nottingham family-run business operating in the Serious Games Industry. We want to create and develop science games/applications for educational purposes, but maintaining a strong entertainment factor. As a family company we wish to promote a group-sharing ethos as we simultaneously offer and invest in collective education, communion and togetherness. Our mission is to encourage a growing understanding of science by the general public supported by entertaining pedagogical tools. 

Thus, we developed our very first board game named "Adna's Lab". The main goal in our board game is to build up a 25 bases chain from 5' to 3' to win the race. Players enhance their own DNA chain, but can also destroy the opponent's DNA chain making use of different single cards or combinations of cards. 

This game counteracts the traditional tendency of board games to use luck as a propelling agent. With Adna's Lab the gained knowledge as one plays is the pacing agent. 

We wish to produce four prototypes to show schools and students the potentialities of this game. The response from those who tested the game was very positive and we want to keep improving its capacity and qualities. In that sense we need your help so we can move forward with this project. We promise your name won't be forgotten when we make this dream a reality and we will tell the world in our facebook page that YOU CARED!

To help us access here!!!

Any partnership that can help us make this dream come true is more than welcome. Just email us on or visit our Facebook page or Twitter page.

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