Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Man-flu, Paracetamol and LD 50 of acetaminophen

Nowadays you can find anything on the Internet. The browsers have become so incredibly minucius and predictive that they know what we are looking for even before we are sure of what we need. That happened to me and a friend of mine today, We have been hit, in our workplace, by a flu-like virus that gives us every possible symptom from exploding heads to hose-eyes, acute muscle pain, traffic jam sinuses and, the worse of all, man-flu emotional drama. Yes, you heard of it, but it's when you see it live that you learn about the only thing that make people like George Romero, John Carpenter, Dario Argento, Wes Craven and David Cronenberg cry - man-flu.

But for taking care of such, women recognised that the universal tool to apply is not kindness or hot soup. In fact, it is almost "scientifically and statistically" recognised by every men who actually have a basic sense of heroic pragmatism that women paying too much attention to us during that flu-like stage of our lives will just make it worse. That, because men are these things down here in the image. We cannot cope with emotional distress caused by minor flu-like symptoms. 

We're capable of taking bullets in our butts, saving children and furry animals from buildings on fire, breaking legs playing footy and rugby, but we just can't handle man-flu. In order to handle man-flu we demand Acetaminophen in the shape of Paracetamol. That's when the question emerged. My colleague wanted to know the ld50 of Acetaminophen. All we had to do was ask Google (see below).

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