Friday, 24 April 2015

Crime Scene Investigation: World Book Night with Jonathan Wright

Just before changing all my life by moving from Portugal to England, I had to face a long process of applications that took me around 3 months and a lot of cash. I felt that the economy back in Portugal wasn't prepared to face the revolution of a globalisation, our weak scientific industry wasn't ready to accept the many graduates that a"stuck in 1st gear" educational system was generating, and a personal sense of utter dismay strongly disconnected me from the Biotechnological Engineering course I was chewing for so long. 

Hence, I decided to apply to different universities offering Biotechnology courses and also Forensics (another passion of mine). Along with Toxicology, Forensics and Biotechnology compose the posy of subjects that really trigger my heart to beating faster than the speed of light. 

Fate wrote that I'd join the University of Nottingham, Biotechnology would be the topic of study and here I am today. But I never let the Toxicology and Forensics bonfires die inside. whenever possible I invest in my personal education by cultivating my knowledge learning from very experienced/talented people who master these sciences.

And that's what happened yesterday. The moment I knew Jonathan Wright was going to speak in a public event taking place in the Nottingham Central Library, I had to be there. At 7 pm there I was in a crowd so representative of the crazy affection (let's kindly call it paranoia) British people have for crime books. At least 85% of the public (around 50 people, maybe?) were over 45 years old there and eager to learn from a speaker who knows how to grab the public's attention. 

Jonathan Wright is the Programme Leader for Forensic Sciences and Forensic Science with Criminology undergraduate degrees, as well as a Senior Lecturer in Forensic Sciences in the University of Derby. His research interests are related to blood pattern analysis, firearms, vehicles and vehicle related crime, latent mark development and fire investigation. But we can safely say studying blood crimes is his real thing. Jonathan is a real experienced professional that has worked in many mediatic cases like the Jill Dando murder, for example. So, all in all, I couldn't miss this chance. 

The talk was incredibly interesting, at points slightly soft for someone with a science background, but the feeding of new information was ever present. In the end I popped into a space reserved for the displaying of some books and made a note of the different ones suggested by the organisers of this event.

Take a look at this short list of books that I will definitely be reading in the coming future, as soon as I finish the other 30-odd I still have on my bedside table!!!!!!!

"The everything private investigation book"
Paperback from $12.86 on Amazon
Rated 4 stars by 21 reviewers.

"The science of Sherlock Holmes"
Paperback from $12.93 on Amazon
Rated 4.5 stars by 28 reviewers.

"Crime Busting: Breakthrough in Forensic Science"
Paperback from £14.37 on
Rated 4 stars by the bookseller.

"Confessions of a police constable"
Paperback from £7.99 on Amazon
Rated 4.5 stars by 165 reviewers.

"Understanding criminal investigation (Wiley series in Psychology of Crime, Policing and Law)"
Paperback from £38.99 on Amazon

"Know when someone lies to you"
Paperback from £21.88 on Amazon

Have a good read. I know I will!

1st image taken from Mr Jonathan Wright, University of Derby, [], last visited on the 24th of April 2015, last update unknown.

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