Wednesday, 18 March 2015

SciBoard Games to make a difference

When it comes to science education I am the first one to point my finger at the way knowledge is transferred these days. I don't like how science is taught, how its communication is made so sectarian, segregated to niches of people who are supposed to keep it locked and masonic. However, this trend is changing and science is becoming more democratised, more accessible to the masses, more exposed to criticism. And here lies the key to the scientific progress and a better understanding of science by the common people for Together We Learn. This is the motto of  SciBoard Games, a Science Serious Games company I created along with my wife to tackle exactly the gap that we see in the market of scientific education. There is presently a lack of the entertainment factor disregarded by many, but operating as a crucial factor indeed. And there is a somehow indigestible tendency for science games to be based on trivia and luck. This is where all problems start in our opinion. When trying to offer the common people or even youngsters who study science, a tool that is capable of making them engage and not despair, luck is not a factor capable of rewarding one's efforts and attributes. In addition, trivia consumes memory but does not trigger an immediate rational and logical thinking. 

When I sat with my wife and decided to embrace this project of ours, there was an additional ingredient that we also felt was undermining scientific education, especially amongst younger students - companionship, partnership, gathering. With the ever growing technology at our disposal, screens do these days generate many possibilities but also extrapolate an autistic process of learning and interpreting. The panoply of pedagogical processes is directed to people, especially young students, in an ever lonelier screen-user fusion interface that generally works more as a dichotomy rather than a synergy. SciBoard Games is our family project to bring back the gathering of elements that reunite people around the learning process. We believe we can merge the best of technology with tradition, the specifics of science with entertainment, and generate a fulfilling learning methodology. Board games and Video Games do not need to oppose each other, but complement different needs and different demands. 

If we have enticed you with our motto, values and basic philosophy, please read a bit more about what we believe can offer you as a company. Thank you so much.

Short Description

SciBoard Games is a Nottingham start-up operating in the Serious Games Industry. We create and develop science games/applications for educational purposes.

Our Mission

The company’s mission is to encourage growing understanding of science by the general public. We intend to promote democratisation of science as we impel its understanding supported by entertaining pedagogical tools. As a family company we wish to promote a group-sharing ethos as we simultaneously offer and invest in collective education, communion and togetherness. The company’s image is unmistakably represented by the logo that introduces a more futuristic and technological approach (the cyborg), dedicated to all scientific schools of thought (the different cogwheels within the cyborg) with the group-gathering tradition portrayed by the pawn, so typical of classic board games.

Our Product

We are presently concluding the development of our very first game on molecular biology and will be soon crowdfunding for turning it a reality.

Upcoming events

We are preparing our upcoming appearances as a company to happen on the 20th (Visit the SciBoard Games' stand in the Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity, Broadmarsh Shopping Centre, in Nottingham) and the 21st of March (in the Science in the Park, Wollaton Hall, Nottingham). There will be candy and a whole lot of fun as you can try and feedback on our very first game.

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