Friday, 13 February 2015

MyFitnessPal for a Beach Body

Yes, it's true. I am once again getting this body ready for some beach time in Portugal. Once again the lovely village of Montegordo will be my resting nest, just like last year. Summer, 2014; I showed my little one the incredible smell of a Portuguese sea spray... and he loved it!!! But this time if I really want to face some of the vast number of gastronomic sins we commit there, like Farturas, Bolas de Berlim and Super Bock Imperial Stout, I really need to get this body pumped.

The days of DietPower are gone. That old software served its purpose until I was happy enough to come across Insanity and MyFitnessPal. MyFitnessPal has everything that was stone age-worked in DietPower 4.4 and a lot more. Imagine you really crave a buddy that keeps track of everything you might consider necessary and professional in terms of weight control, diet, calorie intake and exercise. That and a lot more without overwhelming yourself with a heavy complicated tutorial. MyFitnessPal is a great free easy tool to use and record pretty much 100% of what you do and eat without the fuss of having to go mental on remembering every single detail, just because the database of both food and exercises is so vast and ready to use that you can browse and find anything real quick.

So yes, I am once again pumping my body, but that does not mean just exercising everyday (and I swear to you that I do it every single day for at least 34 to 42 minutes) is enough. Not eating crap is a must, mental and digestive discipline is a priority. Running away from those Victorian Sponge Muffins they are now selling in the Engineering Cafeteria is an obligation; willpower is my drug. It is an inolvidable part of my day to maintain a routine of behavioral discipline reinforced by literature such as "The Power of Now" of Eckhart Tole", avoiding sweets and fat as much as possible and keep track of all I eat and exercise to the minimum detail. 

Go ahead and get to it. Spring will be here soon and these free tools available online can pump you to a nice Beach Body!

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