Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The stuff they say about Ebola - Excalibur's Circus

It's good enough that Ebola sick priests are taken from Africa to European countries and end up testifying poor health & safety protocols in action. Even worse when a NURSE ends up infected and people are dragged into quarantine when everyone knows that this is a serious disease. These quarantined people are direct elements in the spinning off of a disease, just like main characters in a horror movie that starts gathering quite a public (as in a cult movement). But when during a press conference for acknowledging that the problem escaped their control, the one responsible for the whole health & safety process there in the hospital, blatantly stated : -"We currently don't know how it happened"

Seriously???? Jesus Christ, I understand kids saying that to their parents when they break the sweets' jar, but friends, Ebola kills fast, real fast! If those responsible for a nations' health don't really seem to care that much to have procedures running under tight control, well, let's all wave the anarchy flag because that is anarchy. Because when you have a supposed epidemic outburst, there's a dead individual already in the infamous equation, another infected priest in the very end of the segment, a nurse who just contracted the disease, and all you have to say is "I don't know how it happened", like if it was a flue or like the Penicillin stock vanished? The Spanish Health Authorities made a fool of themselves with this slippery slope. But it gets even more ludicrous, midst quarantines that are perfectly acceptable there's an element to pay with its life - the dog - Excalibur!

The poor animal is to be punished for the system's inadequate equipment and poor training. Some might say the disease needs proper handling. Threatening to kill the dog is just an imature, irresponsile, hysterical way of health authorities there to claim they are actually doing something. L-U-D-I-C-R-O-U-S, my friends, ludicrous. By the way, if you kill the dog instead of quarantining it, you better kill everyone because I see the dog as the least responsible for this whole bleeding mess. It got to such a soap-opera state that the poor nurses' husband is campaigning for the life of this animal... time passes by and I am forced to ask, what have the Spanish Health Authorities put in action since the nurses' infection? A dead penalty to a dog, with court permission and the triggering of a campaign for life when in the very beginning we are talking about a disease that causes rapid death.

I am a vegetarian activist for animal welfare, but I am first of all a scientist. If the dog had to go I would totally accept it... as a scientist. Shall common sense prevail the human species would dignify that canine existence somehow for the sake of the human kind (like naming the coming vaccine Excalibur, or something of that sort). But the dog doesn't need to go, what needs to happen is responsible people to sit down, talk about the processes and protocols and prepare staff and facilities for a serious issue.

This circus will never help anyone but to promote chaos, misinformation and disbelief. Spain really messed up big time with this one.

Lesson #7 - When one needs to drive attention away, one kills the weakest link.

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