Thursday, 2 October 2014

The stuff they say about Ebola - Part V of many

I am quite happy with the resounding impact these last Ebola posts have had on the many people who have been commenting on LinkedIn or just popping in for reading the blog. This proves that Ebola is not only viral on the field, it's also viral on the web. 

Today you are about to be gobsmacked with the lively daily news concerning vaccines to be tested. Especially with the fact that there are a few who state they can cure it. It's for you to criticise and for me to offer you the opportunity to have a go on the stuff they say about Ebola:

Do you believe the United States of Africa Health Organisation (AHO) can save Africa from Ebola? [Access here]
"I have developed Ebola vaccines in the same way as I have developed for HIV and Malaria Vaccines. At the moment I am looking grant for Malaria vaccines to do animal Module with partners in South Africa and I have published and present my paper 2013. For HIV vaccines I am awarded to present and publish my paper on November 2014. I have sample vaccines for Ebola Virus to do animal module via chimpanzees. I would like to ask you that if you know any Research Institutions, CDC, WHO, UN and AU whom are dealing with Ebola vaccines research and development, I Dr Zelalem Kiros willing to do an agreement to solve this problem with expertise. "

Ebola Outbreak: Thailand's Siriraj Hospital Creates 'Antibody 

Treatment' for Deadly Virus [Access here]

"A Thai hospital has claimed to have successfully developed an "antibody treatment" against the Ebola virus that has killed over 3,000 people in West Africa this year. Siriraj Hospital at Mahidol University doctors state they have developed a formula that will trigger antibodies to fight the disease. The development could lead to a treatment applied after infection, as opposed to a pre-infection vaccine, to stimulate the body's natural immune system to fight off infection."

Lesson #5 - Some report a breakthrough, some report a cure. But data is what helps us make a judgement.

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