Thursday, 31 July 2014

Blogging Microbes - Communicating microbiology to netizens

It is with great pleasure, happiness, pride and an immense sense of responsibility that I announce to the audience of this blog that the Society for General Microbiology accepted my application to the Local Microbiology Event Sponsorship. This means that the seminar/happening/discussion/miracle is indeed to occur and I will be able to debate one of the most interesting topics out there these days in the Microbiology world. I speak of the new platforms of communication that use the potentialities provided by Internet to spread our message around the globe. 

There are serious first class blogs, podcasts, social networks, websites, forums, twitter accounts and the like, disseminating microbiology related subjects through a vast web network. This global medley collection of roads to knowledge can be quite mazy when one's not aware of the different niches that they relate to. And it is still very premature a cloud, the one that holds all these different perspectives/approaches in a symbiotic inter-dynamic swirl, culminating in the main topic - Microbiology.

This gap on the road to a better communication and understanding of microbiology related topics led me to prepare a local event in the University of Nottingham. For we all are netizens; citizens of the Internet that forage and scrape the different platforms for a little bit more of information spread all over Marshal McLuhan's global village. But our famine will no longer be as you are all invited to attend:

"Blogging Microbes - Communicating microbiology to netizens"

Date: 19th of September 2014.
Time: 3 to 5pm, but still needs confirmation.
Venue: Queens Medical Centre, University of Nottingham, Room to be announced.

Confirmed Speakers: 
Alan Cann (author of the blog MicrobiologyBytes) will participate in a video format;
Shuna E. Gould (author of labratting on twitter) will be present;
James Gurney (co-author of the podcast The League of Nerds) will be present;
... and 2 more speakers yet to be confirmed.

If you are willing to attend and want to know more, stay tuned to The Toxicologist Today. I will be posting news about this event sponsored by the Society for General Microbiology, organised by myself and with the special participation of these incredible speakers that will make us suffer with expectation as we wait for the 19th of September 2014.

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