Monday, 30 June 2014

Back with a bag of goodies for my audience

I'm back to work my friends, but let me tell you, Ohhh what an amazing time I had in Portugal. Let me briefly flash it back to revive all those sunny melting days I had over my skin. It started with two weeks in Monte Gordo where I introduced my 7 months old to his first experience with beaches and salty water; with quick visits to Vila Real de Santo Antonio and Castro Marim. An interlude to know our respectful neighbours of Isla Antilla and Ayamonte. And finished with a pinch of Santarem, the capital of goth art in Portugal. I tasted Portuguese delicacies that would made monks go horny... You don't believe me? Try them yourself and let me know of the incredible addictive side-effects! Check the links for mouth-watering images of Portuguese Doughnuts (Bolas de Berlim), Portuguese Custard Tart (Pastel de Nata), Farturas - ohhhh my gooood I love them so much.

It was a lovely replenishing time that allowed me to see family and friends, enjoy the Portuguese atmosphere and learn from others. Had great conversations about a bunch of subjects I want to bring to the blog starting next week. Stuff like MyFitnessPalaquaponicsScience4YouToys - a Portuguese company doing great with their science workshops/toys for kids, the financial progress of the pharmaceutical market in Europe and a lot of other interesting stuff.

I read some books and even managed to bring a crazy one along. Parental Advisory, this book has nothing to do with science and a lot to do with crazy dudes from the country where the World Cup is taking place. The book I'm talking about is "PornoPopeia" and if you want to rest your neuronal synapses for a bit and have a great contagious laugh, be my guest.

But don't worry, I'll keep in touch in the coming weeks, as soon as I'm done with my 3rd year PhD Presentation/Symposium, and we'll learn together about so many interesting things. Haaaaaaa, I can't wait, I love this blog.

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  1. Some criminals from "aquaponics 4 you" have stolen your blog posts and put them on their spam blog

    They did it to me and put my blog on EIGHT different spam blogs. You may want to search on google for the first sentence of your posts surrounded by "quotes" to find the rest.

    Please report them to blogger when you find them.