Sunday, 9 February 2014

Did you know that...

Virology Blog presented us with an amazing article on two studies concerning fatality rate of subclinical avian influenza in humans. Find it here.

It is likely that proton pump inhibitors can affect virulence genes of C. difficile? Well, maybe not so much on that but more on ow all the data seems "manufactured". Memoirs of a defective brain wonders tells you better, here.

Bitesizebio once again provides great info on how to avoid material dysfunction and destruction in your lab. This time they go on about autoclaves.

An unusual laughable case of severe frostbite injury is revealed to us in Memoirs of a Defective Brain. One actually learns with it.

Incompetent regulators, really bad courses, blatant corruption and the scandal of the University of Wales; a must-read in DC's improbable science

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