Monday, 30 September 2013

Survival of the Poisonous: Marula fruit vs The animals in the jungle

I have been facing real issues to update this blog with some fresh and interesting subjects, as well as to proceed with the ones I've already started. I am sure that on the second week of October I will be a little more available and really nice posts will drop like fresh rain in a dry desert. I actually want to write some opinion articles that will close past ideas and I hope I can count on your interest and experience to develop them even further if you comment and share your views  hereby. 

For the time being I am just raptly moving through my new role of a father to be, supporting my wife in everything necessary and trying to offer her as much support and love I can.

Yesterday, we had our last party at home before the kid is due and we had tremendous fun. People from the lab, friends, the house full and a 6 hours cocktail serving that I had going on with another father-to-be. Non-alcoholic fruit drinks and alcoholic ones, but no one got intoxicated, at least not like the animals you can see on the video down here. There were some funny moments with Mojitos, Apello cocktails, Limer cocktails, White Russian drinks, Virgin Pina Colada, Patria Libre and the like; some nice snacks and desserts the girls prepared for us,... good chatting all afternoon... But contrarily to our gang, these animals down here completely lost their way pretty soon! This battle shows that Marula fruit when fermented takes no prisoners... finishes them off without a trace!!!

Enjoy the narrating, the narrator spices up this video with some very funny comments.

It's like having a huge Pub where all the animals gather to feast on fermented Marula! And the Elephants are the unexpected agitators. The whole furor just proves that every little being in this planet needs a bit of an unwinding now and then; though the hangover is there to tell the tale!

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