Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Labguru - The Digital Bible of your PhD Research

Guys, I am a hard-to-be-mesmerised individual, but I must admit, I've just been. After purchasing Snapgene I thought I
would never find another tool that would convince me as much as that one, but I've been taken to yet another level of incredible fulfillment. The tool I am about to strongly advise you to look for, very strongly indeed, will change your perspective on how a PhD should be organised, conducted, saved, kept, recorded, linked to, sourced from, connected with. This tool is a reflex image, a mirror image of what I was doing on a daily basis on my laptop but in a very tiring, tedious, slow and yet complicated packing of ideas, data and documents.

If there is a God allocated just for science, which I hardly doubt but who knows for sure, I have just met the forementioned divinity for His name is labguru. Yes, my brothers and sisters I have hear the word on a webinar entitled something not exactly but not too far from "Bringing your lab to the digital era", and the Word was there. In the shape of different tools and applications all combined to satisfy my deepest needs of organisation and clarity, labguru specialists developed the dogma and I fed on those ideas like if they meant my life... and I just loved it. In less than two days all my PhD was organised under the little drawers and folders I defined and I could not be more satisfied.

Let me tell you what labguru has got to offer, you try it for free and then let me know if you don't agree when I say it should be compulsory for all the postgraduates in this world to make use of it, and all the PIs to use it as a cloud source for their teams. I hope these guys do not take me wrong if I just copy-paste part of their website but it's for the greater good.

What is labguru?
What can I do with labguru?

Why is labguru useful for my PhD thesis?

Is my data going to be all over the place?

Is it hard to pay for?

I'm interested but I missed the webinar where they explain how to use it!

Mates, I honestly advise you to follow this link and learn how to use these different applications all concentrated in one juicy cloud. Then prepare yourself to understand and interact with your own knowledge on a much futuristic yet totally attainable, organised and much more professional basis.

I hope you thrive on it as much as I am.

All images and information were obtained @ labguru, [http://www.labguru.com/], last visited on the 23rd of July 2013, last update unknown.

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