Saturday, 8 June 2013

How to spread a plague without any serious consequences - Plague Inc.

We don't have much time these days, but before bed there is always a little bit to spare either reading a book or watching some lousy TV series. But very recently I was chatting to one of my PhD fellow mates and she told me about a game I'd completely fall addicted by. "It's awesome for scientists" she said. I thought...! Hmmmmmm, I don't really have much time these days, it's not a good option to fall addicted by yet another game where I slice Zombies like red onions. Between a glass of red wine, in a crowded Italian restaurant in Nottingham, whilst my wife was naturally spreading charm as she does with basically no effort whatsoever... I wonder how that woman can be so God damn lovely? It puzzles me???? ... Well, I downloaded that game "Plague", and for two consecutive nights I have been trying to fall asleep before 2am.

Guys, it is highly addictive. It is awesome for science lovers but anyone can actually play it and have plague loads of fun. Excellent for pathology-heads and for all of those who really enjoy challenges involving biological threats, only this time you are the bad guy!

What is Plague Inc.?
A very realistic simulator game where you evolve a pathogen to reduce human kind to history. 

How do I play?
Well, start up by picking the type of disease you want to spread, pick an original country and wait for "patient-zero" to get infected. Then, evolve resistances, mutate its genome, work transmission routes and symptoms to a point where the world will have to unite to research for a cure. When research starts it's a race against the clock. You will have to be very cleaver and understand how the real world works in terms of economy, climate and borders, so you can be successful in destroying the human kind.

Can I take a peek?
Sure, here is a video of what is to happen to you when you finally download it.

Any disadvantage?
The only minus I spotted is that for some reason, ignorance maybe, people still think Portugal does not exist or it is a region of Spain. That hurts me bad and makes me want to play this game with ever more commitment... LOL! Portugal is a sovereign nation guys, we are not Spain.

For a free version this game offers quite a lot of fun time. Seven standard  plague types will prove that to you. And as they say, "It pushes mobile gaming to a brand new level"!

Plague is a Ndemic Creations transported to the Android platform by Miniclip, and it is available at any Google Play store, App store.

Please have fun, enjoy and comment.

For user reviews access here.

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